Without/ With Shared Dish

  1. Silkscreened posters by Zebadiah Keneally



    Malingering Uvula ll: The Face That Lied (Geometric Edibles)
    Participants will be lead through a labyrinthine turn of the century factory for an unparalleled dining experience that transcends the dinner table. Expand your sensory faculties to unlock the mysteries of the fundamental building blocks of reality: cone, cube, cylinder, pyramid, sphere and star embodied in rare delicacies plucked from the folds of time and space. 

    5 edible keys will be presented amidst site specific multi-media installations unlocking the 6th and final course – a communal banquet.

    This is an intimate annual event that offers the public a rare peek inside the hidden—and normally off-limits—guts of historic glass factory and new arts facility, Knockdown Center,  located at 52-19 Flushing Ave off the Jefferson L stop.

    Tickets: $35/ or $25 with potluck style dish (must be able to feed at least three people and must be presented upon arrival)
    Guest list is limited to 50 diners, advance ticket purchase/RSVP is necessary. Participants will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival, no exceptions.

    Participating Artists:
    Fagan Noose, Camilla Ha, MV Carbon, Cupola Bobber, Keti Kartveli, Brian Chase, Gabrielle Muller, David Lackner, Aaron Fagan, Zebediah Keneally, Thermos Unigarde

    Malingering Uvula is an ongoing multimedia event created by artists Fagan Noose and Camilla Ha along with a rotating cast of collaborating artists and musicians. It is equal parts performance, immersive installation, and dinner party in which the diners themselves become an integral part of the action.

    Malingering Uvula II: The Face That Lied (Geometric Edibles) is a co-production of Malingering Uvula, Center for the Seas Control and Knockdown Center. Knockdown Center is a new cultural venue on three acres in Ridgewood/Maspeth. Knockdown Center is focused on pairing its unique and massive space with the best contemporary cultural producers.

  3. COMING SOON… Nov 16, 2012/ MUll: The Face That Lied, Geometric Edibles


  4. Nov 19, 2011/ MUl: The Road To Hell Is Paved With Unbought Stuffed Dogs


    Back of House:

    Fagan Noose/ The Chemist

    Kate Watson, Monty Cantsin, Vanessa Paulson/ Mad Hatters

    Front of House:

    Camilla Ha/ The Dictator

    Felisia Tandiano/ The Smell

    Peyman Faratin, Shirin Begum, Pam Gallagher, Willis Arnold/ Shadows

    Patrick Hambrecht, Leon Dewan, Josh Boyer, Chris Steele Nicholson/ Thee Orchestra Bolus

    Oh Minnows/ The Light

    bra cup pudding carnage…